Allow the buildroot to be a subdirectory of the git worktree

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Stu Hood
jsirois, lahosken, patricklaw
This allows the buildroot to be a subdirectory of the git worktree, which supports a usecase we have internally where two pants builds will live within the same git repo for a while until they can be merged.

- Add a class method to attempt to detect a git worktree
- Report changed_files relative_to some directory (usually the buildroot)
- confirmed that files outside the relative_to path/directory are ignored
- added test for worktree detection at various levels of nesting
- `./pants goal changed` and `./pants goal bundle` succeed in a buildroot below the worktree root (and in existing projects)


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Any reason this isn't the default? Patrick Lawson Patrick Lawson
Again it'd be nice to have `get_buildroot()` be the default Patrick Lawson Patrick Lawson
Larry Hosken
Patrick Lawson
David Turner
Stu Hood
Stu Hood
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John Sirois
Stu Hood
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