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Larry Hosken
benjyw wants to know how a phase computes its OptionGroup's title. From this, it figures out that the Goals Reference entry for "compile" should show "jvm" options but not "ivy" options (available at the command line, but documented with "resolve" instead).

In the Phase refactor, this broke. Phase used "task" or "phase:task"; builddict used "phase.task", d'oh. If we generate the docs today, the Goals Reference is missing flags.

This change adds Phase.options_group_title() and uses it in Phase and in builddict.

If that's silly, I can remove the Phase-change and just have builddict try task_name and phase_name:task_name.

If this should wait for the phase-goal-rename hubbub to settle down, I can wait.
Benjy Weinberger
Larry Hosken
Larry Hosken
Larry Hosken
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