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Benjy Weinberger
- Gets rid of clever but complicated deduping logic. Replaces it with
  dumb but simple deduping logic via a factory.

- Gets rid of a few methods that were either entirely unused or only used
  once (in which case replaced them with alternative code).

- Phases now store task names and types directly. The TaskRegistrar instance
  isn't retained after registration.

- A Phase now directly knows its depenendcies on other phases, instead of
  delegating to the union of dependencies of its TaskRegistrars.
  This makes a lot of code much simpler.

- Phase no longers uses the old 'goal' terminology.

- Move logic such as option parser setup from TaskRegistrar into Phase.

This simplifies Phase itself and a lot of code that uses it, and
paves the way for renaming Phase to Goal.
CI passed: 

Unit and integration tests pass locally too.

Ran some manual builds, including "./pants goal goals --goals-graph".
John Sirois
John Sirois
John Sirois
Benjy Weinberger
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Status: Closed (submitted)

Eric Ayers

FYI pants goal builddict is now broken after this commit.
  1. We should really make that an integration test, so a CR can't get through CI if it breaks docgen.
  2. less we more me:
  3. John Sirois fixed the crash, YAY. But BUT
    --help and 'goal builddict' don't "find" many flags.
    $ ./pants goal resolve -h
    resolve: Resolve dependencies and produce dependency reports.
    resolve options:
      --ng-daemons, --no-ng-daemons
                              [True] Use nailgun daemons to execute java tasks.
    this affects -h and 'goal builddict'.
    I'll look at this, but if a smartie swoops in with the answer on a silver platter, that's probably better :-)
  4. It was a code shuffle miss of 2 lines.  I'll send a review.