Create a mixin for "quiet tasks".

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This separates the two concerns formerly handled by ConsoleTask:
being quiet, and being a task whose primary job is to print to the console.

Now you mix in QuietTaskMixin for the first, and extend ConsoleTask
(which itself mixes in QuietTaskMixin) for the second.

This rids us of silliness such as the clean-all task having a flag
to specify its output separator.

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  1. lgtm other than the question about stderr/stdout
  2. Should this be stdout or stderr?  Also if you're tweaking this anyway, it might be a good idea to use format interpolation.
    1. I prefer local consistency over global consistency. So I'll punt until we want to switch entire files over to format interpolation (which, btw, I hate- the % operator is super-convenient, and 'format' just adds verbosity, but I guess we're stuck with it).
      Good point, stderr makes sense. Fixed.
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