foo/ and bar/ don't clobber each other.

Review Request #750 - Created July 25, 2014 and submitted

Larry Hosken
'./pants goal markdown ::' has a problem: every .../ file generates to the same path (.pants.d/markdown/markdown/html/README.html)

With this change, you instead get

Also in this change:
Turned some unnecessarily complex python into simple mustache templates.

Added src/java/com/pants/testproject/page to make sure I didn't break [[pants(...)]] "wikilinks".
Doesn't contain java, despite the dir.
Back when I was thinking maybe all page targets should live under dirs named in source_roots('...', page), this java dir made more sense.
(got confluence goal temporarily working to make sure that markdown-page-moves didn't break confluence publish)
Stu Hood
Larry Hosken
Stu Hood
Larry Hosken
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