Add AndroidTask and AaptGen task

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Mateo Rodriguez
This adds an AndroidTask base task and an AaptGen codegen task using the aapt tool.
The AndroidTask merely obtains an AndroidDistribution for subclasses to work with.

The AaptTask processes resource folders and outputs an class. This will be
compiled along with the regular .java files in the android_compile phase coming up. The
aapt tool itself packs an enormous amount of action and this class will continue to 
grow as Android support grows. I could see an AaptMixin or AaptBase class in the future.

The aapt_gen class allows a command-line override of the target_sdk and build-tools versions
set by the manifest parser in the AndroidTarget class.

Currently the SyntheticTarget output by the aaptGen class is a JavaLibrary. This will likely be
changed as I create a task and target to compile .java files for Android builds next. passes locally.

Travis is currently failing elsewhere, but I have
manually tested all of the setup_parser flags, including the new
ignore-assets flag.


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