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benjyw, cheister, ity, jsirois, mateor

This prepares the 1.2.0 release, which is a noop relative to 1.2.0rc4 from Friday.

There was also a bit of ambiguity in the release documentation about whether the 1.X.Y stable notes should contain the dev releases from the series as well. From a stable-release-consumer's perspective, the goal will generally be to "see all changes since the previous stable release", and including the unstable releases from the series on the page helps with that.

So, in order to make things a bit easier for stable consumers, this removes that ambiguity in favor of including the dev releases.

  • Declare the 1.2.0 release.
  • Clarify that when creating notes for a new stable branch, you should bootstrap them with the relevant dev releases.
  • Fixup headers for 1.2.x.rst, 1.1.x.rst, and 1.0.x.rst to align with the above advice.
  • Include the 1.2.0devX notes in the 1.2.x notes page (the 1.1.xdevX releases were already included on 1.1.x).

  1. Ship It!
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  1. Stu, you deserve a lot of credit for pulling the release process and tooling to the finish line. What was formerly quite confusing has become pretty straightforward, great work.

    As for the CR, here is a late ShipIt. I would have loved to see land in the stable branch, though. Not quite sure it will qualify for a backport.

    1. If you think it qualifies, feel free to add to ... linked from ! Not clear when the next patch release will go out there, but building up a few of these will help.