Fix exlucde_target_regexp breakage in test-changed and --files option breakage in changed with diffspec

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kwlzn, mateor, stuhood

This review addresses 2 issues:
1. Currently, on v1 engine, exclude_target_regexp does not have effect in test-changed (and also compile-changed since they have same base class).
2. In "changed" task, if both --diffspec and --files options are given, no output is printed.

This review fixes the above 2 issues and adds test coverage. I also add "ensure_engine" decorator to some tests in which are currently only tested on v1 engine.

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  1. thanks for tackling these Yujie! a couple of questions below.

  2. looking at this diff and the test just above this one (which appears to set itself up identically but uses --changed-since vs --changed-diffspec), I'd expect their outputs to be the same - yet they aren't. why is that?

    1. so for changed-since, the corresponding git command is "git diff --name-only [revision]", for changed-diffspec the git command is "git diff-tree -r [commit sha]"
      in "git diff" case, the output is difference between specified revision and the current repo.
      in "git diff-tree" case, the output is compared between given sha and its parent.

    2. aha - thanks!

  3. was this meant to be temporary?

    1. Oops...
      Thank you so much for catching this!

  1. I am kind of rubber stamping the coverage b/c I have to run. I will test the next rc against my repros as it gets released. Thanks for closing the issues for us!

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Thanks Kris and Mateo!