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benjyw, ity, nhoward_tw, stuhood, zundel
  1. Remove IdeaGen as super class as many procedures are unnecessary.
  2. Warn user it is a python project, because currently Project SDK can only be set to JDK
  3. Set up meaningful project names. Previously it was a random number coressponding the directory it was generated, and now it is the concatenation of target specs in slight variation.

  1. please note diff 1-2 has a change to remove :ide_gen dependency, but it is not shown in RB. filed

  1. Just a driveby comment. I don't see any real issues.

  2. This comparison doesn't make any sense to me - looks like a heuristic. The number of jvm targets is fewer than the number of python targets... so? At the very least, add a comment.

    1. Comment added. Thank you!

  1. Ship It!
  2. +1 for python support
    1. this change does not include python support and only adds a notice because people may use it for python projects because all projects generated with JDK as project SDK atm.

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