[1.1.x] Clean up export deprecation warning on 1.1.x branch

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mateor, molsen, stuhood, zundel

NOTE: this is a patch to be applied to 1.1.x branch.

This is so that the following warning is not shown because it's supposed to be pants internal code deprecation
for pants dev only, not for end users.

DeprecationWarning: DEPRECATED: jvm_distributions is deprecated in favor of preferred_jvm_distributions. will be removed in version 1.1.1.

Because on master this is already cleaned up by https://rbcommons.com/s/twitter/r/4084 along with a few
other things for 1.2.0-dev0 release, we can't cleanly cherry-pick, therefore making this a separate patch just for 1.1.x.

Technically since this deprecation is supposed to happen 1.1.1, and here it is 1.1.0, we
do not need to clean up (adding Mateo in case he might have special reasons to keep it past 1.1.0)


  1. Ship It!
  1. Ship It!
    1. Additional note from slack, following up via a master PR for doc update.

      ```mateor [4:23 PM]
      I took a look and said ship it from my phone since I am afk for the night.

      Unless this already happened and I missed it, could you open an issue to update the docs so that they include a usage example? When I looked last month, the JDK selection section of the docs had several different examples some of which are now totally inaccurate.

      Np, I like the preferred_distributions, I am glad to see a canonical way to set this.

      peiyu [4:24 PM]
      ah, forget the docs, will double check, that can happen on master, thanks for reminder```

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Patched to 1.1.x branch

tw-mbp-peiyu:pants peiyu$ gitlog|head
515a345 Peiyu Wang  Fri Jul 22 16:25:21 2016 -0700  [1.1.x] Clean up export deprecation warning on 1.1.x branch
24b292d Matt Olsen  Fri Jul 15 17:39:34 2016 -0700  Bump version
86d0e7e Matt Olsen  Fri Jul 15 11:32:08 2016 -0700  Prepare the 1.1.0-rc8 release