Upgrade zinc's sbt dependency to 1.0.0: python portion

Review Request #4064 — Created July 11, 2016 and updated

2224, 3652
nhoward_tw, patricklaw, wisechengyi, zundel

This is the python portion of the zinc upgrade from https://rbcommons.com/s/twitter/r/3658/ ; it won't be able to land until that does.

  • Deprecate the name-hashing flag: see buddy review.
  • Update zinc parser for new analysis headers.
  • Pass an explicit -cache-dir for zinc to compile the compiler-bridge into.
  • Bump implementation version of zinc to account for the analysis format change.
  • Don't iterate over source files while computing per-target deps.

manual integration testing with the JVM review

  1. So, what pants release will you be targeting this change for. Its OK with me if you want to target 1.1.0, but let's not try to slip it in in a 1.1.x minor release.

    1. I'm just beginning internal testing now... I don't think we'll want to target 1.1.x unless everything goes perfectly.