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  • Add documentation for Scopes.
  • Use {{topdots}} to fix relative links in the root mustache template.

Sidenote: this doc intentionally does not mention the test scope, because (as discussed with Garrett) a test scope should always be converted into a runtime dependency, and I'm hoping that we can deprecate them soon.

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  2. this looks fine to me, not sure if we want to expand here for the frequent false positives we have seen, might link to github issues.

    1. Once they exist, can loop back around to adding them.

  2. Might it ever be necessary to add scope='forced' along with scope='compile' (like with an annotation processor) this makes it sound like they are mutually exclusive

    1. No: it is never necessary to use both forced and compile: the first paragraph mentions that only default scoped targets are eligible for unused dep detection, so you'd only use forced if something is needed at both runtime and compiletime, but not actually detected. Will clone that bit to the default description here.

  3. behavior, might be acceptable in some locales, but I'm protesting #Brexit

  1. lgtm!

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