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This review is for the first cut of isolated process execution in the new engine. It contains the beginnings of snapshotting, isolated workspace preparation and execution. It's not a finished product, but it's a point from which we can start iterating. It includes the beginnings of a process execution model for the engine.

Process Execution:

This first cut is more complicated than it needs to be, but I intend to refine it and make it more transparent to the engine.

How it works:

You define a process execution rule using the SnapshottedProcess rule type. It maybe that this can be decomposed into its components with the user facing pieces broken up a more fine grained way, but again, this is a first cut.

Here's an example of what that looks like from one of the tests.

                     input_selectors=(Select(Files), SelectLiteral(JavaOutputDir('build'), JavaOutputDir)),

The first parameter is the product type produced by running the process. This maps exactly to the product type parameter for the existing task concept.

The input_* parameters communicate what products are needed to run, and how to translate them into a SnapshottedProcessRequest. They are essentially a subclause that's a task rule. The output_conversion is called with the result of running the process and the Checkout which allows it to construct the product.

Internally what happens is that if a SnapshottedProcess task is selected, it creates a ProcessExecutionNode providing a place where before and after steps can be managed.

The execution node
- Creates a task node for creating the process request.
- Creates a checkout directory and dumps snapshots into it based on the contents of the process request.
- Calls the prep_fn on the request with the checkout. I want to get rid of this and come up with a better scheme for preparing for execution for things that are like build output directories, but for this review I punted via this escape hatch.
- Once the checkout is prepared, the process is actually executed using a ProcessExecutionNode.
- Finally, the output is converted into it's final form.

Future steps
- I'm not happy with naming, but for this review, I'm focusing more on a rough structure and I'm planning to iterate on it.
- Cleaning up checkouts. I left cleaning up temp directories as a future step.
- Configuration. Need to store those tar files somewhere. For now, I just create temp directories.
- Documentation. I think this needs to wait on naming and maturing the user facing representation.
- Integration with the planner example.
- Nailgun.

I've got a number of high level tests I've been using to drive development in test_isolated_process.

I've attached a PR with CI running.


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