ConsoleRunner bugfix for @TestSerial and other test cleanups

Review Request #4026 - Created June 27, 2016 and submitted

Eric Ayers
benjyw, gmalmquist, nhoward_tw, stuhood, wisechengyi

This change started as just adding tests to show that parallelization is working correctly under Parameterized and BurstJUnit4 test runners, but ended up also finding a bug.

  • Fix bug in ConsoleRunnerImpl
  • Don't run parallel methods when test class is annotated with @TestSerial or @TestParallel
  • Fix testing bug in all Concurrency related tests - reset the concurrency parameters before each test permutation
  • Fix testing bug in ParallelMethodsDefaultParallelTest1: only wait for 2 tests to start
  • Fix testing bug that -default-concurrency flag was overwritten in ConsoleRunnerTestBase
  • Add MockParameterizedTest and friends to show tests running parallel under the Parameterized test runner library
  • Add MockBurstTest and friends to show tests running parallel under the Burst library
  • Use assumeThat() to skip test permutations that won't work with specified tests

Added several new unit tests

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Eric Ayers
Garrett Malmquist
Chris Heisterkamp
Eric Ayers
Stu Hood
Eric Ayers
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Thanks Stu, Chris, Garrett. Commit c432f6d