Decode Watchman file event filenames to UTF-8.

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Kris Wilson
3524, 3525
jsirois, peiyu, stuhood

watchman does not currently handle UTF-8 decoding (see in event payloads.

this is a quick change to add UTF-8 decoding of all filenames in the watchman change event handler to relieve an issue seen in #3524.

repro'd #3524 locally and added assertions to the integration test that failed prior to and succeeded after the change.

Kris Wilson
Peiyu Wang
Kris Wilson
Kris Wilson
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thanks Peiyu! fast-tracking this in @ a2b1091a63e87a7b71ce78ce324ec5974b7ef3c8 to help relieve CI flakiness, but happy to follow-up with any issues that folks may have after the fact.