Robustify pantsd + watchman integration tests.

Review Request #3912 — Created May 20, 2016 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

3377, 3393
benjyw, jsirois, nhoward_tw, peiyu, stuhood

Fixes #3377.

  • Make failure to successfully launch watchman (when configured) a fatal event.
  • Add an option to override the watchman UNIX socket path to get around the 'path too long' issue with UNIX sockets.
  • Make ProcessManager's .pids dir relocatable - and isolate that in the integration tests.
  • More strictly check the daemon state between integration test runs.
  • Misc cleanups, tests.

CI is green @


I submitted multiple CI-triggering commits last night to attempt to repro the initial issue. Other than what appear to be spurious failures in Jenkins, that seems to be successful - and is green-lit across 4+ Travis runs (including several not-accounted-for rebuilds).