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Stu Hood
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benjyw, jsirois, lahosken, mateor, molsen, zundel

This review splits the release notes by release branch (ie, master for pre releases, 1.0.x for stable releases). This change is related-but-mostly-orthogonal-to https://rbcommons.com/s/twitter/r/3890/ , in that it uses all of the same terminology, but can land independently.

  • Split release notes by release branch, with a top-level link for each release.
  • Preserve the CHANGELOG.rst entry in order to act as a branching off point for per-branch notes.
  • Add a (pantsbuild/pants private) Subsystem to allow configuring the location of notes for each branch.
  • Fix the long_description fetching code in pants-plugins/src/python/internal_backend/utilities/register.py to fetch from the relevant notes file for the current version.

Deployed here: http://pantsbuild.github.io/staging/stuhood-release-notes-per-branch/index.html


Stu Hood
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Stu Hood
Stu Hood
Eric Ayers
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Stu Hood
Stu Hood
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