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kwlzn, zundel
Add a link to the 1.0 announcement on the front page

Testing Done:
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Scrooge gen: Cache resolved scrooge deps

The current behavior is that we re-resolve the scrooge dependencies for each thrift target.

This changes scrooge gen so that only the first target created does a resolve and afterwards it is cached.

Testing Done:
CI away on PR. Local testing against code gen targets.

Bugs closed: 3305

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closes #3305

Fixup `PEP8Error` to carry lines.

This plumbing was missed in and
it is needed to enable the higher-level `# noqa` support provided by

Testing Done:
Noticed this attempting to upgrade Aurora to pants 1.0.0.

New test was red prior to fix, green after.  With this fix, Aurora
now passes python style checks again w/o altering its `# noqa`s.

CI went green here:

Bugs closed: 3319

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Add a Jenkins2.0 CI configuration.

This adds a `Jenkinsfile` defining a pipeline with a variant for master
builds that turns on OSX testing.

Testing Done:
Jenkins went green here:

Travis CI went green here:

Bugs closed: 3311

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Fix distribution tests in the face of many javas.

Previously, the distribution test failed on machine with multiple java
distributions installed.  This change re-factors `DistributionLocator`
into a thin factory class that produces a `_Locator` from option values.
This results in a more easily testable system.

Testing Done:
In the context of my machine, which has:
$ archlinux-java status
Available Java environments:
  java-8-openjdk (default)

Previously failed quite solidly:
./pants test.pytest --no-timeouts tests/python/pants_test/java/distribution/::
 ===== 17 failed, 43 passed in 83.05 seconds ======

Now green.

CI went green here:

Bugs closed: 2894, 3296

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[engine] Add support for collection wrapping a class

This change creates a pickleable, stable `Collection` class wrapping another class, which saves a few awkward class definitions.

Testing Done:

Bugs closed: 3169

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Update plugin doc.

In particular, we no longer require changes to PYTHONPATH. You
can simply set the pythonpath global option.

Deleted reference to code in twitter/commons that no longer exists.

TODO: Update with more examples from other repos.

  1. Ooops, ignore this one. Diff snafu. Will send out a new one.

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