[engine] Make ScmProjectTree pickable and fix most GitFSTest tests

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kwlzn, patricklaw, stuhood, wisechengyi

Two things to make ScmProjectTree picklable:

  • _reader, GitRepositoryReader contains a Popen instance. This review marks it @memoized so it is saved by memoized.
  • _scm, Git contains a logger, this review moves the logger to the module.

Also added is to initialize Git FS for test, only two tests fail now, created https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/3281 to address separately.
(Assertion errors not pickle or exceptions)

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  1. Thanks!

  2. This will skip the test for both PosixFSTest and GitFSTest... I think to skip it in just the subclass, you'd have to redefine the method in the subclass and call super(..).test_name and annotate it with skip.

    1. Good catch! done.


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                           tests/python/pants_test/engine/exp/test_fs.py .s......s...s......s..
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                           collected 22 items 
                           tests/python/pants_test/engine/exp/test_fs.py ............s......s..
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