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add public api markers to several modules

* base
* backend
* engine
* console
* binaries

CI pending:

  2. src/python/pants/binaries/ (Diff revision 1)

    Once you've called this method, you need to call one or more of the methods of the returned class... I expect there are some other public things in here. Ditto above.

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  1. Can you post what you are using to determine API usage, I think I saw a snippet floating around.

    We have written several plugins since Benjy last generated a report for Foursquare - I would like to check it against our current codebase as we get close to the final list of public APIs. I am positive we use some currently private API - and probably some of them will stay private which is okay.

    1. There were some OSS pants bugs about plugin usage: and I've been using those to check if things likely need to be marked public. For twitter code I've been able to look at our actual plugins to see how they are used.

    2. Thankfully if you need an api added thats very easy... it's removing them that is problematic.

    3. Okay, thanks. Here is the current list of implemented API from our plugins - let me know if anything looks obviously out of bounds (I am sure that there is). I will dig into it a bit today.

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