Fix a typo that caused problems with REPL in custom scala

Review Request #3703 - Created April 15, 2016 and submitted

Matt Olsen
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benjyw, nhoward_tw, patricklaw, stuhood
* change scala_repl -> scala-repl
* remove the repl-spec because it wasn't actually doing anything useful
* Add an integ test to verify custom repl works correctly, previously the repl goal wasn't run.
* Updated integ test build files to reflect changes in REPL and fix typo

fix comment

CI green:

Tested relevant tests locally. New tests fail prior to typo fix.

Nick Howard (Twitter)
Matt Olsen
Benjy Weinberger
Benjy Weinberger
Matt Olsen
Matt Olsen
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commit 074be6882c20a6673e9691264cb8c4caffa60ce5