verify config by default

Review Request #3636 - Created April 1, 2016 and submitted

Yi Cheng
benjyw, mateor, patricklaw, stuhood, zundel

Make --verify-config default True to better help folks catch errors.

Performance impact is minimal.

[tw-mbp-yic pants (master)]$ time for i in `seq 50`;do ./pants goals; done &> /dev/null

real    0m38.839s
user    0m22.951s
sys 0m12.697s

[tw-mbp-yic pants (verify_config_by_default)]$ time for i in `seq 50`;do ./pants goals; done &> /dev/null

real    0m40.051s
user    0m25.151s
sys 0m12.689s

Stu Hood
Mateo Rodriguez
Yi Cheng
Yi Cheng
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Benjy Weinberger


I'm not sure what "due to the select few backend packages" means? Is it that there may be config provided for backends that aren't selected?

  1. the plugins are overriden, so e.g. gen.scrooge in pants.ini will not be recognized.