Prepare for a global --shard flag.

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Benjy Weinberger
patricklaw, stuhood, zundel

- Refactor shard spec parsing and application to a common utility.

- Rename test.pytest's --shard to --test-shard (and deprecate the
old name) so it won't collide with the global name, and for
uniformity with test.junit's similar flag.

Note that the name --test-shard is slightly awkward, because
'test' is the name of a scope, so using the short form in the
'test.pytest' context won't work. But I stuck with that name
for uniformity with test.junit, and because this is a wider
problem we need to think about anyway.

When global sharding is implemented, the test tasks' sharding will
subshard on top of that. This is useful because sharding the input
targets may not be fine-grained enough (some repos have large numbers
of tests covered by a single target). However global sharding
may be good enough in many cases, and will prevent us from having
to implement sharding over and over again in every task that might
need it.

Note: Replaces, which is now

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