[engine] Move storage out of scheduler to engine

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Peiyu Wang
kwlzn, patricklaw, stuhood

Storage is part of the execution so it belongs to Engine. In Scheduler now it sees only subject_keys and state_keys (Except for one special case: Noop introduced for cyclic deps). Translations (both from key to subjects/states and the other way around) happen during step call.

This review

  • Move Storage out of Scheduler into Engine, and rename from subjects to storage, since it also stores States.
  • Add serializable's type to Key, this allows 1) validate deserialized object matches its retrieval key's type 2) scheduler needs State's type, this comes in handy
  • Move subject_key to subject look up from scheduler to Step.__call__
  • Add state_key to state look up to Step.__call__
  • Add state to state_key conversion also in Step.__call__
  • Change StepResult.state to StepResult.(state_key|dependencies), just the information needed by scheduler, given type is encoded in the key

Encounted two pickling errors:

  • Need to define __getstate__ and __setstate__ sicne we defined __slot__
  • ConflictingProducersError not pickable due to python bug (TypeError: ('__init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (2 given)')

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