Add the Android SDK to the linux CI and turn on Android tests.

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Mateo Rodriguez
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gmalmquist, jsirois, patricklaw, stuhood

This installs and caches the Android SDK on linux CI
runs. The debug.keystore used to be installed along
with the SDK - but I had to recreate it for the CI.
That directory is cached so it should only run once
or if a layer changes.

The Android tests will now be run in the contrib shard.

In 3531 I maintained the '-a' flag as a way to skip
running Android tests, even now that it is moved to
contrib. I did that because since the OSX CI is not
container based it would have to redownload the entire
SDK each run. So Android tests (and the install-android-sdk
script) are only being run on the Linux CI.

This is all that is left to land: A travis run with just the RB passed at:

Stu Hood
Mateo Rodriguez
Mateo Rodriguez
Mateo Rodriguez
Mateo Rodriguez
Stu Hood
Mateo Rodriguez
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