Remove any special casing around the former android backend.

Review Request #3531 — Created March 2, 2016 and submitted — Latest diff uploaded

gmalmquist, jsirois, patricklaw, stuhood, zundel

This has to land along with the move to contrib
but I broke it up to make it easier to review.

This commit removes all the special casing that accrued
over the years as a consequence of having Android as a
separate backend. It also puts together some new
special casing that allows the android tests to still
be skipped in circumstances where that is needed.

  • This adds a flag to skip the new android contrib package
    when running CIs. Because OSX does not have container
    based CI it would have to download and bootstrap the SDK
    each run. That is not feasible for multiple reasons.

  • During the release of the package, it will not run the actual
    Android tests because the releaser will usually not have the
    SDK installed on their machine. This just checks to see if the
    various goals are installed. and passed.

A travis run with the code from both CR 3530 and 3531 is away at:

Both of those commits will have to land at the same time.