Upgrade default go to 1.6.

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John Sirois
The release notes are here: https://golang.org/doc/go1.6

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Author: John Sirois <john.sirois@gmail.com>
Date:   Thu Feb 18 11:04:52 2016 -0700

    Upgrade default go to 1.6.
    The release notes are here: https://golang.org/doc/go1.6
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Benjy Weinberger

I'm doing Go stuff now so I don't mind taking a look in the future.

That said, are we confident that 1.6 is stable? I think it was released only yesterday?

  1. Pants precedent has been to upgrade the _default_ go distribution ~immediately up to this point mainly since the one active customer I know of pins in pants.ini to control the version they get and Go has a 1.x compatibility policy that appears to be pretty ironclad for all the users who want to float on 1.x.
    My preference is to keep doing this, but its probably a good idea to seal the policy in to a contrib/go README if you all agree this is reasonable.
  2. In general I think it's reasonable, I was just wondering about waiting ~72 hours for any emergency patches.

    Also, is it maybe worth waiting until that version of Go is available on Brew? I've been using a brew-installed Go, and I can imagine there being some confusion if anyone ever uses a combination of Pants and direct go tool invocation. But this is pure hypothesizing, since we only have one active customer and this doesn't appear to matter to them.

    I hope to be the second active customer soon. :)

  3. Brew - Hah!  I'm alerted to upgrades by Arch, I got my go 1.6 this am thus the RB.
  4. I think we should do whatever we want in Pants, but be advised that the go 1.x upgrade path is not always all roses. They fixed some problems in 1.5 that indeed pointed out issues, but caused many of the tests in our repo to fall apart (the issue there was detecting some race conditions.) Fortunately, that was a flag of some kind we could have just disabled, but I just wanted to share that war story.