fix pathdeps for synthetic targets.

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Matt Olsen
benjyw, jsirois, patricklaw, stuhood

fix pathdeps for synthetic targets.

A problem surfaced at twitter where pathdeps failed for when it hit the scala style synthetic
target. This change explicitly checks to see if a target was synthetic which seems to have
been the intent of the attribute check.

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Matt Olsen
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Matt Olsen
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commit 1319b2f86b0d940f8340e0fa0c1d10224f1a56c5

Peiyu Wang

  1. expected declared but not used?
  2. return order isn't guaranteed we might see flaky test
  1. This is assert_consol_output:

    def assert_console_output(self, output, *kwargs):
    """Verifies the expected output entries are emitted by the console task under test.

    NB: order of entries is not tested, just presence.
    :API: public
    *output:  the expected output entries
    **kwargs: additional kwargs passed to execute_console_task.
    self.assertEqual(sorted(output), sorted(self.execute_console_task(**kwargs)))

    Since these are sorted we shouldn't see any flaky results.