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Adds support for golang meta info for imports

Review Request #3443 - Created Feb. 10, 2016 and submitted

Andrew Hamilton
benjyw, jsirois

Adds support for golang meta info for imports

- Adds a check for meta information for golang imports
- Passes additional information to the archive fetcher to properly
download imports that use meta info (e.g.

This fixes imports such as which utilize the meta tag to change the root of unzip in the $GOPATH as well as actual repository location.

Part of this GH issue:

Tested with my own repo so far.

Looked at the tests for this part of the code and couldn't figure out how to fit it in properly. Not totally sure what the best path to test this so a pointer in some direction would be helpful.


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Benjy Weinberger

Landed as 7a7f51390cacd82a3e982eaf4516c510f23092c0.

Benjy Weinberger

Done! I also closed the RB. You still need to close the pull request you used to trigger CI.

Also, in the future please add a link to a passing CI under "Testing done" in RB before landing a change.