Add validations to jvm_app bundles; Fix typo in BundleProps construction; fix relative globs

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Nick Howard (Twitter)
benjyw, dturner-tw, jsirois, zundel

While doing a release, we found a bug in the recent performance changes in bundle handling. This fixes that bug as well as a bug in generating globs from the build root. It also adds validations around input combinations that will fail to work as expected.


  • Ensure fileset is one of the expected types.
  • If rel_path is specified with a glob, raise an error.

Ensure that a passed rel_path overrides the default one from the parse context.
when globs_relative_to_buildroot is used, ensure that non-glob filesets have the correct paths returned.

Wrote regression tests and made them pass. CI away on the pull request.

ci passed at

David Turner
Benjy Weinberger
Nick Howard (Twitter)
Benjy Weinberger
Nick Howard (Twitter)
Nick Howard (Twitter)
Nick Howard (Twitter)
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