WIP: Use target ID instead of basename for bundle dist dir

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Karin Lundberg
peiyu, stuhood


When "./pants bundle" runs for both root targets and dependencies, you might run into issue if you have a jvm_app depending on a jvm_binary and both use the same basename as the basename is use as the destination directory.


Instead of using basename for the destination directory for the bundle, use the target id as it will always be unique.

This is WIP. Sending this out now to get feedback on general approach and potential side effects. The potential side effects are best illustrated by the changes needed to make the tests in tests/python/pants_test/targets/test_jvm_app_integration.py pass.

./pants test tests/python/pants_test/targets:jvm_app_integration

Karin Lundberg
Karin Lundberg
Karin Lundberg
Peiyu Wang
Peiyu Wang
Karin Lundberg
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