Prepend '//' to Address.spec when the spec_path is empty.

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Patrick Lawson
benjyw, jsirois, molsen, zundel

Also fix a bug in Address.reference that this revealed: namely
that spec_path-relative references at the root were actually
going through the code path for absolute references, but
because the result was identical it didn't matter.

An issue in uncovered a bug in the way we
handle addresses at the root of the repo (i.e. with an empty spec_path) in the
context of Target.traversable_dependency_specs. These specs are always with respect
to the target being loaded, meaning that relative spec paths are relative to
the target's spec_path. This means that specs with an empty spec_path must
be disambiguated by prepending //, otherwise they will be treated as a relative

Had to fix up lots of little assertions that rely on the spec formatting.

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Patrick Lawson
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Patrick Lawson
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Patrick Lawson
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