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Peiyu Wang
patricklaw, stuhood

Today, for target a/b:b we create a symlink under a/b/b, current implementation
first delete everything under a/b/b, this is probalematic.

Consider target a/b:b and a/b/b/c:c whose stable classpath share the same
prefix: a/b/b

  1. a/b/b/c:c first creates a stable symlink a/b/b/c/c/0-z.jar
  2. a/b:b calls safe_rmtree('a/b/b') previous symlink will be deleted

The original intent to do rmtree my guess is to clear symlinks that already
exist during incremental build, but didn't consider targets may share share
common prefix.

This review
1. delete only non-directories under the current directory, not the entire tree
2. Provide an option to use as the safe unique identifier.
Switch to use for bundle, but continue to use the old naming
for export-classpath since it requires coordination of Intellij plugin.

Locally tested on a previously failing bundle passed


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