[bugfix] Properly opt out of zinc's fingerprinting of Resources.

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Patrick Lawson
jsirois, mateor, stuhood, zundel

Properly opt out of zinc's fingerprinting of Resources.

Internally at Foursquare we have a task that injects a Resource
target dependency on every JvmLibrary in the graph (a temporary
hack), and we noticed that this task getting scheduled before
compilation vs after compilation results in totally different
fingerprints for the entire graph (wrt zinc's FP strategy).
This is because the FP strategy isn't using the mechanism to opt
out of fingerprinting a target (return None)--therefore even
though the resource target's contents aren't rolled into the fingerprint,
the resource target's presence in the graph affects the transitive
fingerprints of dependees.

It's plausible that we want to go further here and opt out of
fingerprinting anything except JvmTarget and JarLibrary subclasses
here, since in theory all other dependencies are extraneous and irrelevant
from zinc's perspective.

CI is green: https://travis-ci.org/pantsbuild/pants/builds/114591351

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