When a pytest errors rather than failures, make that target also show up in TestTaskFailedError

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Sameer Brenn
benjyw, jsirois, stuhood

Fixes #2623 (https://github.com/pantsbuild/pants/issues/2623)

Pytests can fail either as "failure" or "error". When they fail with error, the results log has an 'E' in front of it. Before this change, those 'error'ing targets did not show up in TestFailedTaskError.failed_targets.

I'm not sure if this is intended behavior.

If not, this fixes that, so erroring targets now do show up in TestFailedTaskError.failed_targets.

./pants test tests/python/pants_test/backend/python/tasks:pytest_run

Benjy Weinberger
Benjy Weinberger
Sameer Brenn
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