Preparation to moving workdir outside of build root

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Timur Abishev

I'm currently working on moving working directory (pants_workdir) outside of build root.

I've decided to divide work into two separate parts: preparation and main part. For preparation I want to:
1) get single point (field) for working directory in tests (both unit and integration), now it's BaseTest#pants_workdir and PantsRunIntegrationTest#workdir_root.
2) fix issues with working directories in tests (i.e. relying on BUILD_ROOT/.pants.d working directory structure in tests code)
3) fix wrong assumptions in new environment (i.e. assertion like class path entries should be in build root or clean-all can operate only on build root content)

For second part I want to change single point for working directory to arbitrary one and fix tests after that, also I want to take a look into all ".pants.d" usages and portable version of zinc analysis file.

This review contains preparation part.

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Eric Ayers

FYI, Some of our tasks / tests started to fail in 0.0.56. I've filed an RB for a minor change to this code:

  1. Looks good for me