Remove the global codegen strategy

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Stu Hood
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fkorotkov, gmalmquist, tejal, zundel

I'd noticed a few issues with versioned target invalidation, first in antlr and then in the newly ported scrooge task. Now that all consumers are ported to isolated codegen, we can fix and prevent those issues by switching away from the manual caching strategy.

  • Drop codegen strategies entirely
  • Detect duplicate sources using the synthetic targets, rather than re-scanning the workdirs
  • Prune duplicate sources from disk when they are "allowed", to avoid having to deal with them in subsequent incremental runs
  • Deprecate but preserve the strategy flag
  • Enable cache_target_dirs for simpler/more-correct caching/invalidation
  • In test_simple_codegen_task: move DummyTask and DummyTarget to top level classes in order to add the ensure_cached annotation

For a context containing 1549 gen targets, the time to execute the task improves signficantly:

  Before: 777 seconds
  After: 220 seconds
  Before: 25 seconds
  After: 12 seconds
Eric Ayers
Stu Hood
Stu Hood
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