Debug log the 404s we get back from the restful artifact cache

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benjyw, jsirois, travis
Debug log the 404s we get back from the restful artifact cache.
Simplifies debugging what parts we didn't find in the cache

  1. Please add Benjy.  They use this stuff in production so he has a stronger stake than anyone.
  1. Ship It!
  1. Tried merging this with:
    pants (master)]$ ./rbt patch -c 288
    Patch is being applied from request 288 with diff revision  1.
    CRITICAL: Object does not exist (HTTP 404, API Error 100)
    Known issue? Seems the commit is in place anyway, should I just go ahead and commit + push the change to master?
    1. This is known although not fully sussed.  I've hit this a few times with Eric Ayers from Square.
      In my last few changes I emulated an outside contributor (which we probably should all do) and:
      1.) forked pantsbuild/pants
      2.) pushed my branch to my origin and created a pull request
      3.) associated the pull request id # with the Bugs field in the RB.
      4.) I `git remote add [user] [user fork] && git fetch [user] [their branch]`
      With all this, rbt patch -c worked fine.  Eric did said same in his most recent PR however he had `rebase -i`'d in a way that did not match the RB (RB 3 diffs, rebase -i merged 2 of those).  Since the raw RB diffs (Download Diff) have blob shas, I suspect when these don't match blobs on origin in github - things blow up.  I need to investigate which parts of this voodoo are needed and which not.
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