Slim down the API of the Config class and move it to options/.

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Benjy Weinberger
jsirois, mateor
Remove/make private all methods that weren't used outside its test.

Move get_required into the only code that uses it. That code
( had to catch and re-throw all exceptions anyway,
so this didn't really add any net LoC there.

CI passes, apart from the Android release test, but I can't see why and I can't reproduce it locally, so would be grateful for any ideas.

John Sirois
John Sirois
Mateo Rodriguez
Benjy Weinberger
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Benjy Weinberger

Thanks guys. Submitted as 1c2d0930eeccd1f3939b04d64951e076683696cd.

Eric Ayers

src/python/pants/option/ (Diff revision 1)

It would have been great to have a deprecation on this for a cycle. Our plugin broke without warning even though our previous installation of pants is only 3 days old.

  1. Aaargh, sorry about that. Out of curiousity, why was your plugin accessing config directly? It didn't even occur to me that anything was still doing that.

  2. We have a list of config values stored there. I need to turn that into an option...

  3. Yes please... I'm not even happy that android uses config for its keystore. Would have preferred JSON.