Don't modify globs excludes argument value.

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Nick Howard (Twitter)
dturner-tw, jsirois, molsen

Ideally, users shouldn't be using variables in BUILD files, but if they do, we shouldn't be modifying their values.

The error message that comes up is like this when the excludes value is reused as a sources list:

                   File ".../src/python/pants/base/", line 545, in create_sources_field
                     assert_list(sources, key_arg=key_arg)
                   File ".../src/python/pants/base/", line 49, in assert_list
                     .format(key_msg, expected_type, e, e.__class__))
                 ValueError: In key 'sources': Expected a list containing values of type (<type 'basestring'>,), instead got a value [''] of <type 'list'>

Wrote regression test, saw that it failed. Updated implementation and made it pass.


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Nick Howard (Twitter)
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