Plumb bytes to zincutils rebase interface

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Patrick Lawson
benjyw, jsirois, stuhood, zundel

zincutils optimizes analysis parsing in a way that requires bytes-only
string replacement operations. Zinc analysis with non-ascii symbols
will fail in some circumstances when the placeholder directory strings
passed into the parser object are not strictly bytes. This change
ensures that bytes-only directory structures are passed to the rebase
method by utf-8 encoding the buildroot and setting the
AnalysisTools._PANTS_HOME_PLACEHOLDER constant to be a bytes type
rather than a "text" string.

Add a test for this particular failure and flip on name_hashing
in pants.isolated.ini. Confirmed the test fails (with a hack to
check stdout for "FAILURE", because currently we don't actually
fail on cache write failures, for good reason). The test passes
after the fix.

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