Add a just-in-time check of the artifact cache to the isolated compile strategy

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Stu Hood
benjyw, fkorotkov, nhoward_tw, patricklaw, zundel

Now that we have a single large chunk arriving in ZincCompile, the self.invalidated block for compilation will do a single upfront check for all cache entries (thousands potentially), and then begin compiling them, without ever checking the cache again.

In the future, pushing the invalidation check down into the work function that runs the compilation could be the cleanest solution. But currently I would be concerned by threadsafety in the build invalidator and elsewhere. Instead, this patch adds a double-check of the cache inside the work function.

  • Add a double check of the cache to the isolated strategy immediately before beginning to compile.

Sergey Serebryakov
Eric Ayers
Stu Hood
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