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Stu Hood
benjyw, kwlzn, lahosken
  • Use simpler include examples (was previously including from the JVM backend, which is pretty hairy)
  • Expand the Product section and place it before the require_data section, in order to explain what products are before talking about how they influence ordering
  • Add a section describing option options.
  • Add some links to other portions of the docs that better explain concepts.

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build-support/bin/ -o


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Stu Hood
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Benjy Weinberger

src/python/pants/docs/ (Diff revision 2)

"Option Options" isn't terminology we use, so maybe best not to make it a thing here?

  1. Will drop.

src/python/pants/docs/ (Diff revision 2)

Probably a good idea to describe action=, metavar= and advanced=?

Also maybe an example or two?

Maybe mention that these are a subset of argparse options?

  1. Will include action/advanced.

    sub/super ? argparse seems more like an implementation detail.

    I figure there are lots of examples in the codebase once people know what they're looking at. And a good representative sample is included immediately above.

Stu Hood

Followup review over here: