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Mateo Rodriguez
jsirois, patricklaw, zundel

This is the 2nd part of splitting up #2040. This follows up
on #2467 (adding unpack_libraries task and android_library).
This adds the google and android m2 repos from the SDK into

AndroidLibraries are unpacked once per artifact in UnpackLibraries.
The unpack .class files are packed into the android_binary's
classes.dex file. The android_library BUILD files allow for
include/exclude patterns, those patterns are filtered against
during the repack in DxCompile. This allows us several advantages:

  • each artifact is unpacked only once, no matter how many
    dependees or include patterns
  • therefore each class file has a static path, so duplicate
    class files (allowed in the build but illegal to pass to
    dx tool) are easily detected
  • Version conflicts are detected by class name(which is how it
    is done within the dx tool) and can raise a useful exception.

Processing the resources in AaptGen is moved off of the
codegen backend. The gentarget for AaptGen is the
AndroidBinary. Each android_library in the transitive
closure needs to be compiled against the binary's target_sdk.
Libraries are passed to the aapt tool once for every SDK
version they support.

This also adds lots of testing for big parts of the android
pipeline and a couple of new example projects to show the
new functionality.


  • Duplicated code in UnpackJars and UnpackLibraries, including
    fingerprint handling. Pulling up an Unpack base class or refactor
    to FileUtil or something (this includes Fingerprint strategy)
  • No invalidation framework for aapt_gen yet. It doesn't currently
    distinguish between libraries that need to be processed by
    multiple SDKs.

References #1390
References #10

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