Add -log-filter option to the zinc task

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Eric Ayers
1612, 1631
fkorotkov, stuhood

Add the -log-filter option to the zinc task to perform the same function as -Tnowarnregex for the Compiler class used under jmake

Tested by putting my updated zinc jar into place in and updating pants.ini with:

+enabled: True
+args: [
+    '-fork-java',
+    '-log-filter', '.*X500.*',
+    '-java-only', '-C-encoding', '-CUTF-8',
+  ]

Then compiling the simple hello world target as modified in The lines containing the string X500 were omitted from the output.


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John Sirois
John Sirois
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Eric Ayers
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Eric Ayers
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Thanks John & Fedor. Commit 4aa6204

Stu Hood

src/scala/org/pantsbuild/zinc/Util.scala (Diff revision 3)

isFiltered being "by-name" will cause the message to be created multiple times if filters exist:
once for each existing filter
again if it is actually logged

Would suggest creating a lazy val in the body of log and logRaw for the message so that it is only created once.

  1. Er, to be clear: the issue is that 'message' is by-name in multiple places.