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kwlzn, tejal

Using BufferedOutputStream significantly speeds up the JAR creation. See testing section for an example.

Green CI:

I used this command for benchmarking (+ flushing caches):

sudo /usr/sbin/purge && ls -alR > /dev/null && ./pants binary --no-use-nailgun macaw-swift/web-app::

Without BOS, the jar-tool step took 105, 112, and 123 seconds.
With BOS, the jar-tool step took 77, 80, and 85 seconds.

  2. Please add a comment documenting the perf win.  Without something - unit test, perf test, comment - the code is subject to forfeit a year from now when no-one remembers.  It seems to be true that it's the very rare person to track this sort of info down via blame/log.
    1. Added hopefully informative comment.

      Sidenote: what you're saying seems to be true for pretty much any code. By this logic, why shouldn't every line of code be supplied with a comment explaining its existence?

    2. Just to back John up a bit, I've had one or two 'near misses' of important features/fixes almost being reverted out of the codebase. In this case I would say that it isn't obvious by looking at that change that it gives a significant performance gain (in fact, it may not in other environments, we don't have any tasks that take 100+ seconds to create a jar), and that the 'magic number' of 1024 * 1024 has actually been vetted somehow.

    3. Exactly to Eric's reasoning.  Sergey - in your model this code is in fact special.  It can be removed and there is no obvious effect - tests still pass, code still runs, and there is no obvious perf impact unless you're staring at -x output in pantsbuild (we have no large fatjars and other steps dominate on a clean build).  Thanks for leaving a note.
  1. Ship It!
  1. Thanks Sergey - this is a nice win.  In master @
    I'll do a publish presently then send up an upgrade RB when the jar is live on maven central.
    Please mark this review as submitted.
    1. The new jar-tool is live:
      Upgrade RB here:
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