Don't have JvmToolTaskTestBase require access to "real" option values.

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jsirois, zundel

Don't have JvmToolTaskTestBase require access to "real" option values.

See the added README files for some detail on how this is achieved.

Unit tests pass locally. Full CI pending:

  2. I didn't know you could store symlinks in a git repo.

  3. Why not just self.context() here?

    1. I explain in the comment immediately preceding this line (although a word got deleted from it, so perhaps it was confusing. Fixed that.)

  2. src/python/pants/base/ (Diff revision 1)
    Silent dropping seems like a bad idea - is this needed for the current fix?
    1. Not all tests create a fake pants.ini any more, so it's necessary to test for this. And in fact I hope in the near future that no tests at all will.

    2. OK - it makes sense for pants tests not to have to create a pants.ini, but it doesn't make sense for production uses to have their real typoed pants.ini silently ignored.
      IE: if I patch this in on master and run the following I silently just don't get the isolated compile behavior:
      `$ --config-override=pants.ini.isolated2 clean-all compile src/java/::`
      So I won't block, but I think this is wrong behavior for production code.  It would be nice to find a better way - even if that's just guarding the code path I used above to check for existence and fail before calling load.
    3. Don't we aspire to be able to run pants without a pants.ini anyway? This is certainly possible in the era of all options and no direct config reads, and we are very, very close to that.

    4. Oh I see, but we can check for existence in the explicit --config-override case, yeah, that makes sense.

    5. But also we currently rely on an empty pants.ini to find the build root.  So the aspiration has been ~ `pip install pants && touch pants.ini` and you're up and running.
    6. Good point. So maybe my statement that tests shouldn't need to create an empty pants.ini is actually false.

    7. FYI I'm discarding this RB: I had to make some changes to get a test to pass in some corner case, and I was convinced that pants.ini should always exist, even if empty. So the new code is smaller, and will go out in a new RB soon.

  1. Ship It!
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