More fixes for working with classifiers on jars.

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Eric Ayers
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dturner-tw, jsirois, nhoward_tw, stuhood
  • Added a test where two ivy JarDependency declarations that differ only by classifier attribute.
  • Fixed goal idea to work with a jar dependency that has multiple artifacts from the same ivy module (one with classifier, one without)
  • Highlighted problem in export with multiple classifiers.

CI green at

Added a new testproject with IvyClassifiersTest that uses 2 different jars, one of which you need to use the 'tests'
classifier to download.

I got this test to compile, then found that idea_gen and the IntelliJ plugin didn't work. I was able to fix ./pants idea to work,
but there is still an outstanding issue in the Pants export format. See for that issue.


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Thanks Stu and John. Commit 5f54d41