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ity, jsirois, stuhood, zundel

Add buildgen to contrib

WIP, not ready for review. But I've said a bunch of times that at worst I would have this code dumped so others can see what's going on. I cleaned this up as much as I had time for, but it's not actually in a runnable state -- I'll chip away at that as I have time. But this is almost identical to what we run internally, which I can confirm works very well. Mostly this just needs a lot of documentation and tests.

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Also include the BuildFileManipulator classes, which are patched in internally but haven't been upstreamed. Note this should be nearly identical to the original RB for BFM at but it makes sense to combine these.




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  1. You say its not ready for review yet so let me know when you want me to take a look.

    1. Will do! I only added reviewers (and not the list) to this because I vaguely remembered these being the people who expressed interest in buildgen in the past. And just as a note to others: feel free to review if you like, but I am aware of basic stuff like "this doesn't have tests", "this could use docs", and "the directory structure isn't right". If you have questions or comments about the details though, fire away.

  1. @Patrick, I think you can discard this review. Buildgen landed elsewhere.

    1. That was only a sliver of buildgen as I was trying to incrementally upstream it. This remains the canonical "code dump" for other interested parties to look at, despite the fact that I don't have time to properly craft it for upstreaming.