Changes to zinc analysis split/merge test data generation:

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Benjy Weinberger
davidt, patricklaw, stuhood
- Fix various issues with the anonymizer.
- Add a mode to the test that causes it to generate canonical test data.
- Add copious comments on how to use all of the above.
- Replace the old test data tarball with loose test files that have
  non-ASCII content. Python tarfile doesn't play nicely with non-ASCII
  names (even with the pax format), so loose test files are easier.
  Git should compress them fine anyway.
- Made the test a little more comprehensive - it now verifies the merged
  analysis against an expected file.
- Made sure that split and merge don't leave dicts with empty values,
  as those create spurious diffs when comparing analyses that are
  semantically identical.

This change establishes that our split/merge logic is sound in the presence
of non-ascii file/class names in zinc analysis files.

TODO: Test that rebasing is similarly robust to non-ascii content.

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